Retainer product launched…

Outsourcing your E&S due diligence to Innovativkonzept Ltd

Based on our experiences from “within” the banking world as well as from hundreds of E&S audits “outside” in the field, our clients have started to fully outsource their E&S due diligence of their investment projects to us.

Innovativkonzept IFCThis includes the revision of all related project documents, site visits, preparation of E&S action plans, negotiations with management, consultants, autorities, NGOs and other investors, formulation of internal E&S review summaries and accompanying legal clauses, E&S monitoring of portfolio companies.

Recognising the fact that such a cooperation demands a much higher degree of mutual trust than a normal client / consultant relationship, a first outsourcing contract was signed with a financial institution from Africa  in November 2013 (retainer contract).