This is our core team of experts. All of them with unique experiences in their specific areas of competence.

Jörg Janischewski

Jörg Janischewski

Managing Director

Master of Engineering / MBA – Environmental and Social Risk Management – janischewski (at) innovativkonzept.com

Dedicated to improving environmental and social performance of investments in developing countries

Mr. Jörg Janischewski, Mechanical Engineer cum MBA and Managing Director of Innovativkonzept Ltd., has an extensive experience in setting up environmental and social management systems.

Based on his technical and commercial education in Aachen, Germany (RWTH Aachen) and Paris, France (Ecole Centrale Paris, Collège des Ingenieurs) he has worked as head of the environment group of the United Nations Asian and Pacific Center for Transfer of Technology in New Delhi, India (1994-1998).

Between 1998 and 2006, Mr. Janischewski has consulted and trained more than 100 companies, banks and organizations in developing countries in the field of environmental and social management. Jörg Janischewski has been employed by the German Development Financing Institution DEG as an environmental and social expert between 2006 and 2007. In the framework of this position, Mr. Janischewski got an in-depth inside view of the financing sector thereby better understanding the necessary balance between economical, ecological and social considerations.

Among others he was in charge of environmental and social due diligence for investment projects in the sectors manufacturing, infrastructure, power and agriculture. He considerably contributed to the development of the ESMS at DEG. After he left DEG, he started Innovativkonzept Ltd. and assisted many financial institutions and private equity funds in setting up a proper Environmental and Social Risk Management System based on IFC Performance Standards. Simultaneously he continued to carry out E&S due diligence for complex investment projects.
Mr. Janischewski is author of several high level expert opinions for renowned organizations and companies. He has working experiences in over 35 developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa and is fluent in English and French language.

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Rudolf Rindermann

Senior Expert – Macroeconomist – Environmental Innovations – rindermann (at) innovativkonzept.com

Katja Janischewski

Project Manager – Economist – Project acquisition and mangement – katja.janischewski (at) innovativkonzept.com

Melissa Makwarimba

Associated Consultant – MBA, MA Biology – Environmental and Social Risk Management in Financial Institutions and Private Equity Funds PEF (Africa)

Kiran Dhanapala

Associated Consultant – Environmental and Social Risk Management (Asia)

Petra Dehmel

Innovation Manager – Social Pedagogy – dehmel (at) innovativkonzept.com

Cristina Cox

Associated Consultant – Environmental and Social Risk Management for financial intermediaries (Latin America)

Aneta Wisniewska

Project Manager – Development Economist – Environmental and Social Risk Management – wisniewska (at) innovativkonzept.com

Pham Thu Thuy

Project Manager – First Class of Honor Environmental Management / PhD – Environmental Management – thuy (at) innovativkonzept.com

Maja Leutner

Project Assistant

Innovativkonzept maintains a network of internationally renowned individual experts in the field E&S risk management for financial institutions in developing countries.

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