IFC Performance Standard 4

Community Health, Safety and Security

Selected key questions to be addressed during due diligence:
IFC Performance Standard 4

Community Health and Safety

  • Are there communities in close proximity to the client’s facilities ?
  • Have been there complaints in the past or could you imagine to see complaints from the communities in the future ?
  • Has the client evaluated the risks and impacts to the health and safety of the affected communities during the project life-cycle (Including issues like client infrastructure and equipment safety, hazardous material release, transport and disposal considerations, natural resource use and community exposure to disease)?
  • Will there be an emergency preparedness and response plan that sufficiently takes into account risks and impacts from project activities to local communities?
  • Has the client designated contact persons within the organization responsible for receiving and responding to complaints?

Security Personnel Requirements

  • Does the client engage security personnel at their facilities?
  • Does the contract include a clause that binds the guards to respect certain guidelines on how to interact with communities?
  • Are security personnel armed? If yes, has the personnel been trained?

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