Sector Initiatives

Innovativkonzept has been involved in a series of national sustainable finance initiatives (“sector initiatives”), both in Africa as well as in Asia.

In these projects we usually either work directly with central banks or through intermediaries like bankers associations or the like.

These projects typically comprise:

  • Needs assessment among financial institutions
  • CEO motivation to buy in sustainable finance initiatives
  • Facilitating the development of sustainable finance principles
  • Preparing implementation guides for each single sustainable finance principles
  • Formulation of relevant sustainable finance case studies
  • Training of investment managers on the implementation of the principle
  • Training of local consultants on how to support local financial institutions
  • Development of E-learning platforms on subjects related to sustainable finance or sustainable banking
  • Development of related E&S risk management toolboxes

Sample: UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative

Bankers trained in national sustainable finance projects where IK was involved in:


trained bank staff