Consulting Services

Looking for IFC PS related Consulting Services? This is what we can do for you:

innovativkonzept Environmental and Social Due Diligence

We carry out E&S due diligence of investment projects between 1 Mio US$ and 100 Mio. US$ for financial institutions working in developing countries. In more than 100 such projects (30 + countries) we have covered sectors like infrastructure, agriculture, energy, renewables, manufacturing, chemical industry, textiles. » continue reading

innovativkonzept Environmental and Social Risk Management System Implementation

To develop and implement an Environmental and Social Risk Management System together with our financial institution clients is one of our key services / products. Our experiences with more than 40 FI clients worldwide allow us to compare results achieved, to build upon already existing tools, checklists, ideas (no re-inventing the wheel) and to offer very competitive prices. » continue reading

innovativkonzept E&S Risk Categorization

We assist our FI clients to develop a categorization system based on the level of E&S risk of their transactions to guide them on the scope of the ESDD. A typical system includes three E&S risk categories, designated as high (category A), medium (category B) and low risk (category C). » continue reading

innovativkonzept Tailor-made Consulting Services

Based on our extensive experiences at the company and FI level, we are in a position to flexibly and quickly respond to market demand thereby developing a set of new products. These include the development of case studies, gap analysis between different E&S standards, development of sector guidelines, facilitation at central bank / banker’s association level. » continue reading

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