Consulting Services

Innovativkonzept is a Germany based consultancy company that provides services related to environmental and social risk management – based on the IFC Performance Standards.

Innovativkonzept has a particular focus on companies, investment projects, financial institutions and investment funds in developing countries and works for a broad range of clients.

This is our reference framework, what we do and why it makes sense to choose us.

What our clients say

We really liked the training a lot. The part of “convincing the customer” was most crucial to us as many staff members have anticipated resistance from customers.

Before the training I was skeptical that we needed yet another training…but now I have completely changed my mind.

It is entirely your effort in making it so useful that there has been so much support. I like your suggestion for having atleast a part time officer for this. Pint noted.

Completely new approach as compared to other trainings I have had.