IFC PS Experiences

There are different dimensions when it comes to demonstrating experiences. On one site our client list speaks for itself. However, we can also provide you with description of our projects that we typically carry out as well as credentials related to the underlying E&S standards, the IFC performance standards.

Finally, let us try to prove our expertise by introducing you to the main problems that our clients typically face plus some insights into “how to convince both financial institutions as well as their clients” when it comes to the proper management of E&S risks and opportunities.

  • We have worked for all major Development Banks
  • We jointly consulted more than 50 Financial Institutions in developing countries in setting up Environmental and Social Management Systems based on IFC Performance Standards
  • We provided numerous national and regional trainings on Environmental and Social Risk Management
  • We carried out a CSR-Portfolio Review of a German Development Financing Institution
  • We handled the E&S due diligence of hundreds of investment projects in developing countries
  • We have developed project appraisal tools for investment projects based on IFC Performance standards for various Development Banks
  • We have set up an Environmental Management System at a Vietnamese Microfinance Institution
  • We have introduced E&S Management Systems in various investment funds in Africa and Latinamerica
  • We are systematically monitoring E&S performance of investments in developing countries (industry, agriculture, infrastructure, financial institutions, renewable energy)
  • We have compared IFC Performance Standards to E&S standards of several developing countries and other E&S standards (e.g. “Cotton Made in Africa” standard)

Country experiences

  • Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe
  • Asia: P.R. China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal
  • Latin America: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina
  • Eastern Europe / Middle East: Lebanon, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia

 Further IFC PS Experiences

innovativkonzept Clients
The following list shows some of our clients. Please note that most clients and beneficiaries of our work, notably the many financial institutions, private equity funds, insurances, micro finance institutions as well as companies (investment projects) are not mentioned as they need to be kept confidential. » continue reading

innovativkonzept Selected IFC PS credentials
Why Innovativkonzept? As we have not only applied the IFC PS to countless investment projects worldwide, but also carried out trainings, animated relevant discussions and developed our own set of tools. » continue reading

innovativkonzept Typical problems encountered
Problems we encounter when assisting financial institutions to set up ESMS are very similar among our clients, no matter where they are and irrespective of their concrete business model. The following list shows a series of these problems. » continue reading