Environmental and social risks are business risks !

Innovativkonzept Ltd. is a Germany based consultancy company that provides services related to environmental and social risk management – based on the IFC Performance Standards. Innovativkonzept has a particular focus on companies / investment projects / financial institutions and investment funds in developing countries and works for a broad range of clients.

Our team actively participates in related discussion at the international level and is in a position to demonstrate the business case for the application of E&S standards to investment projects. Innovativkonzept also ensures that financial institutions and their clients are in a position to meet the required E&S standards through a proper management of related issues.

innovativkonzept Our domain: IFC Performance Standards
IFC’s Performance Standards define clients’ responsibilities for managing their environmental and social risks. Together, the eight Performance Standards establish standards that the client is to meet throughout the life of an investment. » continue reading

innovativkonzept This is what we can do for you: Consulting Services
We carry out E&S due diligence of investment projects, develop and implement an Environmental and Social Risk Management System together with our financial institution clients and other deliver a series of other relevant Consulting Services, based on our extensive experiences at the company and FI level. » continue reading

Working Conditions

innovativkonzept IFC PS Experiences
There are different dimensions when it comes to demonstrating experiences. On one side our client list speaks for itself. However, we can also provide you with description of our projects that we typically carry out as well as credentials related to the underlying E&S standards, the IFC performance standards. » continue reading

Our clients’ typical key resistance – and how to overcome

“Other banks don’t require this” – Maybe true but they will sooner than later as it makes business sense

“We are not the environmental authorities” – Sure, but you better rely on your own risk assessment as you do with other risks

“IFC what Standards?” – IFC Performance Standards are based on common sense present good business practices and are full of valuable benchmark information

“I am a banker and not an environmentalist” – It‘s about invloving experts at the right times

innovativkonzept IFC Performance Standards Case Studies
We feel that meaningfulness of IFC Performance Standards is best being demonstrated through real case studies (business case). Therefore, we have prepared a series of such studies which cover all 8 performance standards as well as all typical risk scenarios. » continue reading