Apart from contributing our exceptional expertise in a very specialized field, every single project is guided by a series of company values.

None of them is lip service; all of them have been explicitly cherished by our clients.

Innovativkonzept Logo

Motivation – beyond the negotiated

Multidisciplinary knowledge – latest developments and beyond

Unconventionality – wherever necessary

Fairness – towards employees, subcontractors, clients, target groups

Sensitivity – to cross-cultural aspects of or work

Transparency – in what we do, why we do and how we do

Openness – towards clients and target group

Impact driven – for the measurable benefit of the target group

Simplicity – no “reinventing the wheel” unless a new wheel is necessary

Interest – in our subjects and our clients

E&S consciousnous – not only in our work but also in our behaviour

Innovativkonzept actively supports Sustainable Forest Management under the PEFC scheme (Register number 0421041/021300000889)