IFC PS 3 - Pollution

IFC Performance Standard 3

Pollution Prevention and Abatement

Please note: Unlike for most other performance standards, it is necessary to consult the respective IFC EHS Guideline for further guidance.

Selected key questions to be addressed during due diligence:
IFC Performance Standard 3

Resource Efficiency

(including green house gases and water consumption)

  • What kind of resources does the client use (including energy, water, raw material)?
  • What are the client’s green house gas emissions (direct plus indirect from purchased electricity)?
  • If emissions exceed 25,000 tons CO2 annually, does the client conduct annual monitoring?

Pollution prevention

  • Does the client monitor air and water emissions, noise as well as ambient air quality?
  • Are these emissions in line with the values as specified in the respective IFC EHS Guidelines?

Waste management

  • Does the client have procedures for storage, handling, and disposal of wastes (both solid and liquid)?
  • Does the client treat effluents prior to disposal and are effluent levels in line with IFC EHS Guidelines?

Hazardous Materials

  • Does the client have adequate procedures for storage, handling and disposal of hazardous materials?

Pesticide Use and Management

  • Will pesticides be used?
  • Are the pesticides packaged appropriately and labeled?
  • Are the pesticides handled, stored, applied, and disposed of in accordance with good international industry practice?
  • Are any of the pesticides in use considered as extremely hazardous or highly hazardous?

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