IK is assisting a West African financial institution to set up an E&S management system

E&S related challenges when investing in West Africa are complex. Yet, financial institutions can have an important trigger to change investments for the better. This is particularly true for investments into large scale agricultural or infrastructure projects.

While this thinking may be widely accepted worldwide, it is relatively new to West Africa. The objective of the present project hence was to demonstrate the effectiveness and the business case for a state of the art E&S risk management system at a West African financial institutions.


  • ESMS development for FI

Client: Development Bank in West Africa, European DFI

Project cost: 70,000 USD

Time: 2016-2019

Service segment: E&S Management System

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Along with its local partner consultancy company, IK has prepared tailor made E&S risk management procedures and trained the banks key staff accordingly.

Additionally, IK has assisted in the E&S due diligence of selected investment projects. The FI’s ESMS is the first of its kind in the West African country (benchmark ESMS).