Putting principles into practice: The SLBA Sustainable Banking Initiative

With the full support of the Sri Lankan Banking Sector – spearheaded by the Sri Lankan Banks Association SLBA – as well as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Innovativkonzept has successfully prepared a Guidance Document for the Implementation of the Sri Lankan Sustainable Banking Principles, which had been signed by 18 Sri Lankan Banks in 2015.

This document provides for a step by step guidance in each of the 11 principles and formulates related key performance indicators to be achieved by the 18 signatory banks. It thereby suggests minimum sustainability requirements for the Sri Lankan Banking sector.


  • Sector initiative
  • E-learning platform

Clients: KfW-DEG, Proparco, FMO, OeEB

Project cost: 300,000 USD

Time: 2017-2020

Service segment: Sector initiatives

More Info

Apart from preparing, presenting and negotiating the guidance document, IK has supports its application through a series of case studies, trainings and most importantly the E-Learning platform which has been launched in October 2019. The project is 100% in line with the Sustainable Finance Roadmap as formulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

This project is based on earlier work carried out by us where we had successfully supported the creation of a sector-wide Sustainable Finance Initiative in Sri Lanka. This support led to the fact that eighteen Sri Lankan banks have signed a set of sustainable finance principles on the 4th of November, 2015.