This is our core team of experts, all of them with unique experiences in their specific areas of competence.

innovativkonzeptJörg Janischewski – Managing Director – Master of Engineering / MBA – Environmental and Social Risk Management – janischewski (at)

Rudolf Rindermann – Senior Expert – Macroeconomist – Environmental Innovations – rindermann (at)

Katja Janischewski – Project Manager – Economist – Project acquisition and mangement – katja.janischewski (at)

Aneta Wisniewska – Project Manager – Development Economist – Environmental and Social Risk Management – wisniewska (at)

Pham Thu Thuy – Project Manager – First Class of Honor Environmental Management / PhD – Environmental Management – thuy (at)

Petra Dehmel – Innovation Manager – Social Pedagogy – dehmel (at)

Melissa Makwarimba – Associated Consultant – MBA, MA Biology – Environmental and Social Risk Management in Financial Institutions and Private Equity Funds PEF (Africa)

Cristina Cox – Associated Consultant  – Environmental and Social Risk Management for financial intermediaries (Latin America)

Innovativkonzept Ltd. maintains a network of internationally renowned individual experts in the field E&S risk management for financial institutions in developing countries.