Putting Principles for Responsible Insurance (PSI) into practice: An investor’s perspective

IK has prepared a discussion paper on how investors into insurance industry clients can actually make sure that their sustainable banking standards are being respected and actually implemented at the insurance level.

The objectives of this discussion paper are to:

1. suggest a practical way in which investors mandate to promote sustainable development can be implemented in its insurance industry projects – in line with requirements of PSI and PRI

2. suggest a concrete approach to the insurance industry to manage environmental and social risks associated with their business activities, for both sides (insurance business + investment business) – in line with requirements of PSI and PRI

3. promote good environmental and social business practices amongst the insurance industries clients (insurants as well as investees)

4. provide an overview of E&S risks that could be associated with specific insurance products

5. suggest a concrete due diligence approach for investors insurance clients

6. suggest concrete E&S requirements for their insurance industry clients offering several selected insurance products

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