E-Learning on sustainable finance – E-Learning on IFC PS

We strongly believe that sustainable finance can best be achieved if bankers and investors receive a proper training on latest developments, best practices, experiences, discussions and case studies. E-Learning has proven to be a highly efficient and cost effective tool to reach out to all relevant functions within financial institutions.

In Kenya our trainings have reached more than 24.000 trainees (mostly investment managers) 6 different E&S issues. In a similar project in Sri Lanka, 31 FIs will be able to access E&S related E-Learnings from May 2019 onwards (sustainablebanking.lk).

The Sri Lankan E-Learning platform uses state of the art E-Learning technology ARTICULATE and new didactical concepts resulting into a high learning curve and motivation for E&S issues per trainee.

Given the fact that the concept, technology used and content offered is successful in these two countries, it was more than self-explanatory that an upscaling of the concept has the potential to benefit many more financial institutions worldwide, reaching out to ten thousands rather than a few investment managers. This is indeed a contribution to sustainable finance!

IK has opted for a three phased approach when offering its E-Learning modules on its platform sustainability.training to the banking world.

  1. In a first phase we target large multipliers like development banks which like to offer E-Learning to their client financial institutions.
  2. In a second phase we work with human resource departments of large financial institutions who organise the bank wide trainings on sustainable banking issues
  3. Finally, in a third phase we will give access to individual users to our E-Learning modules.

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